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4K Aerial Clips – Soundtrack


Simon Audus – Producer / Bass Guitar / Keyboards / Mastering

Shlok Bhattacharya – Co Producer / Electronic Music Production / Mastering

Duncan Coleman – Video editing and mastering. Visual content provided with permission from 4K Aerial Clips

Josh Hatcher’s School Of Hard Bops – I’m Not Sure

Golden sound – Cold Sweat

Collaborative video project


Project Management, Camera Operator – Simon Audus

Interviews and Video Editing – Ellen Bobbermein

Marketing and Technical Assistance – Daniel O’Sullivan.

Insights into industry is a 3 part video interview project that focuses on current trends and future predictions for the Media and Communications industry. The project presents interviews with academics from QUT’s esteemed Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC).

This project was produced by QUT Media and Communications students for: Brisbane Media Map (

Looking Back – Video & Soundtrack Project

Produced by myself, Shay Mitchell (co-producer / mix-down engineer) and film student Chris Mackay. Each step of the project has been informed by our reference music tracks and supplied demo’ video made from footage that I supplied myself. The reference materials were methodically analysed and used as a launch point to create a demo’ video which, was then used to create the soundtrack.

Video Essay & Soundtrack: Fact Or Fiction?

The primary aim of this project was to exam media saturation and capitalist discourse within social media. The project applies a post-modern approach which combines images, video, sound and music, together in new and unexpected ways.

2 min promo’ – Gypsy Adventures @ Lock & Load

09th September, 2017

This version of the ‘Gypsy Adventures’ performance at Lock & Load on the 9th of September, was created in response from the band to create something shorter for promotional purposes with agents.

5 min promo’ – Gypsy Adventures @ Lock & Load

09th September, 2017

Further misadventures with: Gypsy Adventures at one of Brisbane’s iconic live music venues – Lock And Load, West End. The performance captured here, marks an end of an era with Lock And Load suspending any further live music performances due to rennovations and a possible new business venture the bar will be taking. Regardless, the energy and crowd interaction captured by myself on a Sony X3000 and edited at home using iMovie, shows that there is a growing interest in Gypsy Jazz music and the contribution that the Gyspy Adventures crew, bring to Brisbane’s dynamic and varied live music scene.

Final Gypsy Jam @ Bar Alquimia

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

This was the last of the infamous Sunday night, gypsy jazz jams to be held at Bar Alquimia, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. The bar owner / manager, Nico Iaia made the decision to close the bar but promises to return in a new location soon. An awesome night of music and community spirit.