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Zoom based online conferencing

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How to join a Zoom meeting

How to improve your video calls in 5 minutes

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Create Video At Home In Your Shorts

Working from home during COVID19 lockdown may possibly require you to create a ‘home studio‘. We’ve put together some take home lessons and ‘choice cuts’ from the Twitter feed which broke the fourth wall.

Walkey award winning journalist Dan Ziffer created a sensation on Twitter recently when he posted these photos below.

This particular Twitter post caused a great amount of discussion amongst journalists on Twitter who also started posting various behind-the-scenes photos and other comical suggestions on Dan’s Twitter feed.

Take home lessons from Dan Ziffer’s Twitter post.

Work practices have changedCovid 19 lockdown and social distancing regulations have changed the way we now work . Zoom conferencing and promotional videos are the new normal.

Post lots of behind-the-scenes-photos – Don’t be afraid to start taking too many photos and delete with a passion. Aesthetic choices are always helped by creating a written brief before the occasion.

Audience centric approach. Who is your audience and how will they respond to your video?

Technical Considerations

  1. Broadcast conventions – ‘direct to camera’ is standard for a news report. Interviews and panel discussions require a more conversational tone.
  2. Framing – The laptop is placed at head height
  3. Qualifications – a Walkley award can be seen tucked on the bookshelf
  4. International perspective – note the ‘entry level’ globe to his left
  5. Marital status – framed photograph of a young child on the bookshelf

Live Streaming

  1. Get yourself prepared beforehand so you can relax and have some fun
  2. Record any Zoom meetings you have with trusted colleagues
  3. Place all of your Zoom recordings in a dedicated folder.
  4. Upskill! – Start using entry level video editing tools
  5. Review each recording as an audience member and take notes
  6. Self assess – “Would I watch this until the end?”
  7. Time each section– Aim for 5 minutes with the exception of live streaming

Understanding how to create professional video materials at home is becoming a necessary skill within multiple industries. Upskill and be ‘ahead of the curve’.

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Case Study: Online conference etiquette

Welsh minister’s mic mistake broadcasts sweary rant to assembly. Vaughan Gething heard decrying Labout colleague after leaving his audio live on video call.

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Designing Authenticity – Celebrity Activism

Jennifer Lawrence displays a serious side by presenting for Now This Politics and delivers a masterclass on online presentations to online audiences.

The beautifully groomed, Oscar award winning actor is surprisingly authentic and believable. Take the time to watch the video below and think about how she engages her audience.

The art of telling a good story

This new version of Jennifer Lawrence is at odds with her famous goofy, good time party girl image.

“I’m sorry, I did a shot before … sorry … Jesus!” “What went through my mind when I fell down? A bad word that I can’t say, that starts with ‘f’ “.

Jennifer Lawrence, 2013, post Oscar award ceremony press conference

Lawrence builds trust with her audience by being brave enough to cut through etiquette and formality. She is disarmingly honest at the most inappropriate of times.

Don’t be afraid to get emotional about something that you believe in. Engaging ‘digital natives’ & millennials requires a content creator to be heartfelt and believable.

The importance of ‘authenticity’ cannot be overemphasized.

Content Creation – Designing authenticity

Consider the following elements that can make your home video production engage your audience.

  • Online video conventions require content creators to give audiences a glimpse into their personal lives or personal beliefs.
  • Don’t be afraid to get emotional and discuss how you feel about something.
  • Video created with a smart phone is perfectly acceptable and there is now an abundance of technical information provided by Google to help content creators create better quality videos.

Technical considerations

  • personal grooming: take some time getting ready for your ‘shoot’
  • wardrobe: dressing for the occasion and looking good is necessary. An informal and relaxed presentation however is the goal.
  • lighting: ensure there is good light on your face at all times by facing your chosen light source. Don’t record a video with a brightly lit window behind you.
  • framing: stand to either the left or right of frame and enable the addition of: titles, sub-headings, quotes and graphics in post-production. This needs to be arranged with whoever is handling post production.
  • direct to camera delivery: Lawrence is a great example of a straight talker who likes to tell a good story. Remember, authenticity is key to engaging an online audience.
  • movement: Lawrence looks like she is delivering to a TED talk . She talks, moves around and uses her body language to add emphasis. She addresses the camera like a captive audience. Be still my beating heart! It feels like she’s talking directly to me … sigh.

Remember your target audience, have fun with it and start recording!

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