Simon Audus – an introduction

Hi, I’m Simon.

I’m a communicator. I’m driven by a desire to create music and media content in order to connect with people who:

  • are interested in performing,
  • producing and listening to music.
  • recording music both in studio environments
  • songwriting

I’m now produce DIY promotional videos for bands and edit them.

I’ll be   at SAE Brisbane staring in September 2017.

  • My plan is to offer my cinematography skills as a professional service to musicians and venues supporting live music in and around Brisbane.

I sing, play guitar and bass guitar and I also play keyboards (on project recordings).

My main source of inspiration is soul, funk, jazz, blues, reggae and Brazilian bossa/samba; anything with a ‘groove’.

My aim to produce and record these various genres and eventually bring these various music styles to live audiences on a regular basis.

I have extensive experience in both secondary and adult education, primarily in the TESOL industry

I have advanced communication skills within an educational context.

I’m interested in music and culture from around the world

I spent two years living and working in Madrid, Spain

I speak an intermediate level Spanish.

I’m an experienced traveller and I’ve travelled to India on numerous occasions

It’s my aim to eventually bring together my extensive experience in education and musical experience to develop new directions for myself within the music industry as a producer.