Sound Replacement: animated horror short – RIFF & ALTERNATE studios





Adam Bruce: Co-producer

Sean Ferres: Co-producer

Simon Audus: Co-producer



  • The project team will produce a 90 – 100 second video that has been selected from a longer video and replace the ‘native’ soundtrack with our version.
  • The project team will deliver a pro tools file with the 90 – 100 second with replacement soundtrack that will include:
    • foley
    • sound design
    • music soundtrack to enhance the ‘fight scene’.
  • The team will create a soundtrack that will include an electronic music component that will be supervised by Sean Ferres and assisted by other team members where appropriate.
  • The video has been chosen and is listed below




The agile management plan is the most appropriate project management strategy and is currently being used to help plan the group project.

Click below for more information about the agile project management strategy


(“Agile vs Waterfall. What Methodology Should You Use For Your Project?”, 2017)


These approaches have been compiled by on-line conversations through facebook messenger and currently include the following assertions:

  • Delegation will be the responsibility of all project team members
  • Each team member will have responsibility for a delegated section from the chosen video
  • Sprints and milestones will be created by the project team
  • Delegated tasks will be the responsibility of the project team
  • A list of deliverable tasks will be compiled by using agile management strategy. This strategy differs from a linear project management strategy such as waterfall, as it consists of a series of ‘sprints’.
  • A review process will be conducted at the end of every ‘sprint’ and further planning, designing and ‘building’ will be then conducted as appropriate to project needs.



  • The main deliverable will be video file that will be another version of the video above. The project team will produce a 90 – 100 second video that has been given a ‘soundtrack’ consisting:
    • foley
    • sound design
    • music soundtrack to enhance the ‘fight scene’.

Deliverables provided so far

  • An on-line collaborative google folder
  • Access links to the project team’s google folder have been shared amongst group members.
  • Customised sound asset documents have been created for each of the 3 time marked sections of the video.
  • A coding system has been created and incorporated into the sound asset list documents to identify them at a later stage.


  • There will be a number of deliverables that are still pending and these include:
    • 3 sound asset lists (see below for more information)
    • Various sound design elements
    • 1 pro tools file including the video file with sound assets correctly synced to the on-screen action
  • Each team member will provide completed sound assets for their delegated section.

First deliverable: Sound asset list – compiled and completed.

A proposed milestone for this deliverable is Friday the 6th of October

  • Administration documents have been created to help team members identify the sound assets. Three sections from the video have been identified and time marked. You tube links to each of the three segments are included at the top of each separate document. The hyperlink has been organised to start at the beginning of each identified section.
  • Preliminary work has begun assessing the sound assets that will be necessary for each section. These documents have been uploaded to the project google folder and examples of these are available in a slideshow below






The first milestone for this project – Friday the 06th of October

  • Sound asset list
    • identify each necessary sound asset for each of the 3 time marked section
    • compile each list with its’ corresponding code
    • write a description of each sound asset to assist with syncing
    • identify how each sound asset will be created
      • location sound
      • synthesizer
      • DAW
  • Decisions
    • Confirm roles within the project
    • Delegate tasks amongst the project team
    • Confirm the agile project management strategy
    • Compile a list of project milestones which will be linked to ‘sprint’ sections
    • Compile a list of deliverables that will be met at the end of each sprint section


The final milestone for this project will be Monday the 23rd of October.




  • The decision to move ahead with a confirmed  list of milestone dates TBA
  • Weekly meetings will be confirmed by team members to:
    • share resources
    • review team roles
    • discuss and delegate tasks
    • review project milestones
    • discuss strategies to meet team / facilitator guidelines
    • create project administration documents as needed
    • discuss technical issues that may affect milestones dates




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