Project Planning – tourism soundtrack

  • AUD210 – TRIMESTER 2 2017
  • Team Members: Simon Audus & Shlok Pinto Bhattacharya


  • is in the initial stages of development and needs to build their existing portfolio to make them a viable business to prospective clients.
  • is an on-line video footage library that is managed and operated by:
    • Duncan Coleman – Video Editor and website manager
    • Mike Middleton – Cameraman / Drone Operator
  • The 4kAerialClips website is currently under construction with the intention of showcasing 10 second grabs of selected footage from coastal locations in Queensland.This footage has then been compiled into 1 minute video clips using selected footage and applying royalty free music to accompany each 1 minute promotional video.
  • Music that has been used as soundtracks for the existing footage on the 4kAerialClips website has commonly been sourced from:
  • Duncan Coleman communicated with the project group via facebook messenger and suggested that the music that has been chosen so far has been selected on a subjective basis with less focus being placed on matching the chosen soundtrack to the video footage. This may also be a result of the availability of royalty free music not always matching the accompanying video footage.
    • Youtube free
    • Commons audio library.
  • Duncan Coleman and Mike Middleton are currently planning marketing strategies for the existing online footage library in order to gain greater exposure of the site and direct more traffic to it.
  • will not commission the project partners: Simon Audus and Shlok Bhattacharya to produce any soundtracks for payment. There is no guarantee that will use any of the musical assets supplied to them but in the event that something is considered suitable for use, credit will be given to any creator and listed as such on the website.
  • Any musical assests that are supplied to by our project team and used in any promotional videos will done so on the understanding that our music will remain royalty free.
  • The project team view this project as an opportunity to reach a wider audience for our music.
  • The 4kAerial team are currently unable to produce their own audio assets, therefore, the video editor, Duncan Coleman has been sourcing royalty free music from various sources on-line.
  • The purpose of this project is to custom design a piece of royalty free music to be used as a soundtrack for a particular 1 min promotional video about The Keppel Islands. The existing soundtrack for this particular video has been identified as fully appropriate.
  • Duncan Coleman from was approached by team member Simon Audus with the plan to showcase our composition and recording skills and have the finished product used by industry professionals. to eventually provide custom designed soundtracks to match the promotional 1 min videos that have been uploaded to the 4kAerial clip website.


  • The finished soundtrack will be an original composition.
  • The finished genre and ‘feel’ of the soundtrack will appropriately match the visual information provided on the video clip.
  • A scratch track will be produced that can be provided to the ‘client’ in order to confirm that the project is ‘on track’ with everyone’s expectations.
  • ‘‘Once the scratch track has been approved by the client’’ we then transform that scratch track into the base of the song, with the help of loops,samples and various vsts such as Sylenth and Nexus.
  • Compile the base track with the bass and keys which will be recorded in the studio, to incorporate both live performance, acoustic elements and electronic sounds in order to meet our required learning outcomes.


  • To produce a soundtrack that has been mastered to broadcast quality level in a wav. Format in 44.1khz in 16 bit quality.
  • To produce a piece of music that fits well with the video footage.


  • Tuesday the 20th of June
    • Foundation track to be created in Ableton and sent to the ‘client’ for approval
  • Tuesday the 27th of June
    • Foundation track is /isn’t approved by the ‘client’, continue to refine the foundation track.
    • ‘Freeze’ tracks within Ableton to embed any fx, samples or plug-ins that aren’t available in the studios at SAE.
    • Export individual stem files for each musical element to be mixed and mastered in pro-tools.
  • Friday the 30th of June
    • Record electric bass and keyboard parts,
    • Complete a rough mix in pro tools
  • Tuesday the 04th of July
    • Book studio session time for a final mix
    • Master the session using the Izotope Ozone mastering plug-in
  • Wednesday the 05th of July
    • Deliver a presentation on to both our lecturer Peter Trimbacher and student peers that will contain:
    • an audio soundtrack
    • an edited promotional video that includes our soundtrack


  • Simon Audus – Keyboard, Bass, Desk Engineer, DAW operator, Mixing console operator.
  • Shlok Pinto Bhattacharya – Electronic Music Producer, DAW operator, Mixing console operator.


  1. Book time in the Neve studio and work on a foundation track within Ableton Live
  2. Export all individual tracks into Pro Tools for final mixing and mastering, from the ableton session. Care will be taken to freeze and flatten any sounds produced with plug-ins that are specific to Shlok’s computer, the ableton expert. This will avoid any issues that may be encountered, when recording in the Neve studio that doesn’t have access to the same plug-ins.
  3. Book another session in the Neve studio and record electric bass to add significant impact to the lower register of the song and help to ‘drive’ it forward.
  4. Book time in the Neve studio and record Keys.
  5. Master all finished tracks using a plug-in called Izotope – Ozone. This is a very effective piece of software that will give the finished soundtrack a professional sound and make it ready for use as a promotional video soundtrack.


  • This is a collaborative student project and will not involve any funding.
  • Approximately 8 – 12 hours will be spent on this project.


Technical Issues:

  • Both members have unequal skill levels with Ableton therefore both team. members need to be present when producing the music with Ableton.
  • Individual learning to be conducted with Abelton software in order to overcome any technical issues during the composition phase of the project.
  • Issues with software versions – Ableton tracks will need to be saved using a particular method that collects all samples that were used in the creation of the music track, by consolidating them into the session folder..
  • Having too many plugins running which may cause a CPU overload.
  • All files will be backed up on two hard drives, which will be supplied by both project team members.

Client responsiveness:

  • If the team from are not satisfied with the ‘scratch’ track supplied to them:
    • A facebook message session where all parties are present.
    • A skype session between and the project team members may also solve any problems encountered in this area.
  • Ensure that our milestones are met in case the concerns of the ‘client’ aren’t met and further studio time needs to be booked to address their concerns in the studio


Our target audience is mainly travellers, people who love to travel and want a relaxed yet funky getaway. We’re mainly looking at 18 – 35 year olds

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