Tourism soundtrack – first steps

The week, Monday the 26th of June, started out to be a bit challenging but I’m happy to report that significant progress has been made since Tuesday the 27th of June. Why is that date special? Well, the tourism soundtrack project may have been in jeopardy of not being completed by Wednesday the 05th of July, 2017. More on that later.

My original intention during trimester 3 of my studies (a degree in audio), was to continue refining original music that I had written and recorded in entry level audio software called garageband. The original plan was to export the individual stem files from the garageband sessions, into pro tools, record vocals and bass and then mix and ‘master’ it in professional level software (pro tools). This project wasn’t approved by my lecturer Peter Trimbacher, who suggested that I focus on a new project. The blog relating to that initial project is below:


I pitched a new project idea to my lecturer (tourism soundtrack), and it was given a green light. The new project brief was to create a soundtrack for a friend’s company that produces promotional videos, created using a drone with a 4K camera attached underneath. My friend Duncan was previously using royalty free music that he found on-line, in order to create backing music for the wonderful footage that he and his business partner were creating but he didn’t have any creative control over the soundtrack. but rather, edited his footage to the music. I suggested to him that I could create a soundtrack for his drone footage, pitched the idea to my lecturer and was given the green light to continue.

Putting together a stable team to complete this project however was quite challenging. Tuesday the 27th of June was a low point for me personally, when two student colleagues (a keyboard player and an ableton software expert) failed to turn up for a scheduled recording session.  This was quite a blow to the momentum of the project due to the fact that Ableton software is is closely associated with electronic music which, is an important learning outcome for this trimester and consequently, was going to form the basis of our tourism soundtrack. Part of my personal learning goals for the trimester was to become better skilled in creating electronic music by learning to use ableton. My reliance on others to achieve this goal was starting to become an obstacle to completing projects.

Digging Deep

I kept remembering that it was my obligation to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times, especially when collaborations come to a standstill. This is all part of my learning experience and problem solving skills are an important part of becoming ‘industry ready’. The journey in becoming a creative professional will benefit from this experience and help me to further develop:

  • A Positive attitude
  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem solving skills

I only had a few hours available to me in the studio that day and I had been given a big ‘reality check’. I got nothing recorded and realised that my skills in ableton need to be refined. I decided against sending a nasty text to either of the no-show collaborators, and chose to move on and learn as much as I could from the experience. This proved to be a wise move.

As luck would have it, I was asked by another student colleague to assist with a voiceover for an inter-disciplinary project from the games department. The project involved creating a ‘teaser’ that was to be based on a very popular title called: Portal. This required me to read a script in an American accent and I was also asked to try a British accent. The project turned out to be a lot of fun. It’s one more example of how frustration shouldn’t be allowed to build to the point where situations dictate my mood and potentially not allow myself to remain open to new possibilities and projects.

My project partner eventually contacted me via facebook message later in the afternoon of Tuesday the 27th of June and apologised for not turning up to a scheduled recording session. He then confirmed that he had been working on an electronic backing track for the soundtrack project and proceeded to send me a copy of the first draft. I gave it a listen and loved it! I congratulated him on his excellent work and advised him that what he had provided was ideal. We were both pleased with the outcome and studio time was booked on Friday the 30th of June in the Neve studio at SAE.



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