Studio proceedure: Recording the electric bass through the mixing desk.

In order to successfully complete the studio production subject: AUD 210, a record must be kept of my personal research, both academic and practical in all of the studios that are now available to myself in the 3rd trimester of my studies. This also includes the iconic Neve custom 75 series console.

Neve_custom 75_full

The following video blog is the first in a series that have been designed to chart my progress in the recording studio environment. This particular video blog installment, was created in the Audient 8024 studio. I received my induction in this studio at the beginning of February 2017, the 2nd trimester of my degree in post-production.


It will be my aim to record my original music and upgrade my skills in audio production in order to create a better quality drum tracks, sampling and sequencing. I’m intending to programme the rhythm tracks using Abelton and record and mix all the instrument and vocal parts in Pro Tools rather than in Garageband which, is entry level software. I will be playing all instruments on the recordings and programming the drum tracks and any sequencing that is appropriate for the songs. Here is an example below of my previous efforts to record my bass playing to electronic foundation tracks created in garageband.



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This trimester, I’ve already recorded the vocals at SAE in the Audient 8024 studio, for an original song that I’ve written called: Open Your Heart. I used an Audio Technica 2050 microphone for close microphone placement for the vocal take.


I then wanted to create a compressed reverb that utilised the outboard effects processors that are available in the Audient 8024 studio. I used the patch bay to patch into the Lexicon Mx200 reverb unit which was then patched through a stereo compressor: TLA 5021 Dual Valve Compressor. The result was compressed reverb that was sent to the desk on two channels and then recorded to Pro Tools on a stereo channel.

Lexicon MX200_digital fx



TLA 5021-Ivory


I was using Garageband extensively to record and mix my original songs before starting my audio engineering studies at SAE where, I  learned to record and mix in the professional level recording software – Pro Tools. The technical term for both of these software packages is: Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). My aim in trimester 3 of my degree (trimester 2, 2017), is to custom design the drum track for each song that I now record at SAE, using Abelton rather than rely on the ‘virtual drummer’ feature in Garageband.

The virtual drummer feature has definitely been of great help to me in the past and has been a step in the right direction in making my original music recordings sound better due to full instrumentation that it enabled with the AIR expand 2 sample pack.avid_m box With this sample pack, I was able to record: brass parts, string parts and select from a wide range of drum samples. These samples were accessed and performed with an Alesis V49 midi controller and an Avid M box was used as an interface. Alesis_V49_1

I embarked on recording a six track EP of original compositions titled: Deep Space. All tracks on the Deep Space EP, were originally recorded as acoustic tracks, but with the benefit of time, technology and a lot of patience, these tracks now sound close to my intended arrangement, instrumentation and genre. The first track to really benefit from my investment in the Alesis V49 was track 6: Golden Horizon. This was my first experiment with a both the Alesis V49 controller and the ‘bundled’ plug-in AIR Expand2. I created separate parts for: trumpet, trombone and hammond organ. I recorded all instruments and mixed the song in Garageband.

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