Overview Of Industry – Where would I like to be in the future?

star_trek_enterprise_all-i-learned-about-lifeSpace … the final frontier. This is the journal of Simon’s creative enterprise. The future, an unknown quantity, or, is it?

How much control do I have over my future? Is my future pre-destined and no-one makes any money from the music industry?

In order to gain the correct skills set to provide a service within the music and media industry, I feel it’s important to know how to market myself as a creative professional. I feel that creating an on-line media profile is essential if I’m to create a self-sustaining career, based on my knowledge , music skills and creative abilities.

My first session at SAE has alerted me to the fact that I need to be aware of critical thinking and how that applies to the creative industries. I anticipate that I’ll need to analyse industry trends, and how to apply the skills and knowledge that I’m currently learning during my degree in studio production to provide a service that is in demand.

This appears to be a common theme amongst the students at CIU 111 Overview Of Industry. There are no guarantees in the creative industries, but I’ve never felt so alive as I do now. I’m amongst many other creative types and I’m feeling like I’m at the right place to be able to learn how to express myself and make a worthwhile and financially rewarding contribution to Australia’s cultural landscape.

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