What are his values and strengths?

Simon is a passionate creative-type who thrives on producing creative content. He values personal integrity, has a good sense of humour and is an authentic communicator. Simon believes that solutions present themselves by living in the present.

What does he do?

Simon is currently studying media and communications at QUT Brisbane (2018-2020). Simon has a background in TESOL teaching both in Australia and overseas. Simon has also worked as part of a corporate events team (in Brisbane and surrounds) delivering technology and operating skills.

What can he offer?

Simon has been trained in studio recording and production at SAE Brisbane, 2016 – 2017. He also has many years of experience as a qualified EFL / TESOL educator and has worked both here in Australia and overseas.

Simon’s educational training and broad life experience gives depth to his creative output. He responds well to taking direction in collaborative projects and takes responsibility when assigned a role.

Simon has previously contributed content to the QUT Creative Industries Faculty’s website: No Walls. The experience and contact with media professionals proved to be very inspiring to him. The results can be found in the video portfolio section of this website.

Simon’s vision

Simon is driven by a desire to document people’s stories, enhance awareness, promote a message and enable discovery. Simon is an effective project manager and can arrange professional collaborators when required. Simon is enthusiastic about working on creative concepts from start to finish and looks forward to delivering your media project soon.


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